Astro-Physics 155 f7 StarFire EDF refractor

It was my dream scope for years...

I acquired it in 2003. I first upgraded it in 2004 with the 2,7" greaseless focuser and Feathertouch Micro pinion, for improved comfort use, and to start CCD imaging in the best conditions.
Since July 2007, it is equipped with the Giant 4" greaseless focuser and Feathertouch Micro pinion. It allows the use of the new generation of focal reducers for large format CCD cameras or heavy accessories without any restriction !

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What could I say about this fine instrument?
It perfectly suits my sky and seeing conditions.
It provides high contrast, razorsharp images, with pinpoint stars thanks to careful hand made quality optics.

Mechanically, since it was first designed to carry heavy medium format cameras, it can easily carry heavy loads without troubles. It does not require the use of complex extension tubes systems to reach focus, which could cause flexures issues. In the same goal, the focuser housing is long and the travel needed to reach focus is short.

The native F ratio is f 7, it is used for imaging at f 7.3 with its dedicated 2.7" field flattener (field covered 65mm, big advantage the focal length is not modified, I don't want to reduce the focal length so loose resolution to flatten the field), at f 5.25 with the photovisual 27TVPH telecompressor (compression varies with distance to the chip so ease of use), and at f 5.3 with the dedicated large format telecompressor 155TCC (0.76x compression and 53 mm flat field).
Very versatile, it also becomes an excellent planetary scope by increasing enough the focal length.

Please don't insist, it is not for sale ! ! !
The refractor during one CCD imaging night
Texte et images non utilisables sans demande préalable

Astro-Physics makes perfectly matched accessories for imaging as well as visual work for all of their scopes.
Above are my essential accessories from left to right:
- the 2.7" f 7.3 field flattener.
- the 155TCC telecompressor corrector.
- the 27TVPH photovisual telecompressor.
Adapters are simple and often similar.
Everything is designed to be rigid and prevent vignetting.
In my case everything is optimized for SBIG cameras but other configurations are possible.
Note the absence of reflections on the optics.
The dedicated 2.7" f 7.3 field flattener:
flat field over 65mm, the focal length is not modified, so no loss of resolution.
On the left the 2" adapter for the SBIG ST series cameras.
On the right the specific adapter that bolts on the SBIG large format STL series, replacing the original 2" nosepiece.
Coupling is perfectly rigid and vignetting reduced.
The 155TCC telecompressor corrector:
for the 155 f7 and 140 f7.5 StarFire EDF refractors with 4" focusers.
53 mm field, perfect for large format CCD cameras.
The F ratio is reduced by 0.76x so f 5.3.
On the left the direct interface for the SBIG STL cameras series, with the same advantages as the one for the field flattener. On the right the 2" adapter for the SBIG ST cameras series.
The 27TVPH photovisual telecompressor:
allows a wide range of applications thanks to its compression varying with distance. I use it at the nominal 0.75x factor, by using the appropriate extension tube showed on the left. On the right is shown the 2" adapter for CCD cameras, diagonals. It is perfect for most CCD cameras, DSLRs...
The field coverage changes with the compression factor choosen.
It also matches well with others instruments brands, thanks to its high optical and mechanical qualities.
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