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Optique et Vision introduces the concept "NS"
New version!!!
Thanks to our large experience and partnership with our provider and partner Scott Losmandy, we were the first to:

- install a Vixen Skysensor system whereas the Gemini goto system did not exist yet.
- measure and replace the worm of the mountings to obtain the lower periodic error as possible.
- to develop and produce a new concept of high precision worms for GM8 and G11 mountings, and coupling them to high precision bearings to increase the overall tracking performance. This design was successfuly applied to other mountings brands.
- to develop and produce additionnal mechanical parts to improve performance and comfort in imaging.

After new recent studies, Optique et Vision is proud to announce a new technical improvement 100% designed and manufactured in France for Losmandy german equatorial mountings: the " NS " evolution concept.
Move your pointer on the image to see  the newest NS version and the previous NG with cover removed
The two different mounting systems:

- above the one we used until the end of 2007.
- below the new NS housing.
The back of the system, showing the mounting threads.
The assembled housing, ready for installation on the mount.
The new G11 NS design was first shown at Explor'Espace event in Mandelieu in november
2007, and was the center of interest for many people.
A technical note was available for visitors, that you can find at this link.

Depending on the mount you use and user's choice, the kit is available in different

1. Housing and  " NS " worm and bearings  for  GM8 et G11 mountings:

The goal of this new worm housing is to allow ultimate tracking accuracy, by using the full
potential of our very high performance worms.

The worms included in this package are not a Losmandy worm. They are made locally, as well
as the housing and other pieces, by a local machining company, in respect to our accuracy
and technical specs. The machining accuracy is three times better than the current "High
precision " Losmandy brass worms, or previous steel versions.

This new housing provides perfect, well aligned coupling of the worm / bearings assembly
with the worm wheel, and thus allowing:

- extremely smooth and nice tracking, with nearly no ripple or sudden variations in the error
- minimal periodic error.
- easy installing and adjustment for the user if needed.
This new option for the Losmandy mountings can be installed at the time of the mount
purchase, or later by the user itself or Optique et Vision if needed.

Each NS kit is checked and  individually measured for accuracy before shipping.

The tracking warranty is + / - 5 arc seconds for the G11 mount ( total of 10" peak to peak ), and
+ / - 10 arc seconds for the GM8 mount ( total of 20 arc seconds peak to peak ). This of course
without the use of periodic error correction system in use!

This kit may be factory installed by Optique et Vision at the time of mount purchase, or installed
later at the user's demand.

But the big new is that this kit can be shipped so the user can install it by himself !
The kit contains:

- individual tracking accuracy test report.
- complete user's notice showing installing steps and adjustment to obtain the original tracking
performance  guaranteed.
- Measuring method to allow the user checking and confirming the original test measurement
done by Optique et Vision.

Consider the following choices :

- Complete kit G11NS  with spacer, shipped or factory installed at the time of the mount
purchase by Optique et Vision including: assembling of the housing, installing of the spacer,
measurement and delivery of indidual tracking test.

- Kit GM8NS for GM8 mount, shipped or factory installed at the time of the mount purchase by
Optique et Vision, including: assembling of the housing, measurement and delivery of
individual tracking test.

- Kit G11- NS VIS for G11, shipped or factory installed at the time of purchase by Optique et
Vision: assembled worm and housing sold  without  spacer, with individual accuracy PE test.

- Spacer for G11 sold alone with mounting set.

These kits are available to be sold outside the CEE.

How to order and pricing list :

Outside Europe Euro area: USA and other countries:

Kit G11 NS-VIS for G11  mounting : 540 US dollars.
Shipping Postal priority 48 US dollars.

Kit  GM8NS for GM8 mounting : 540 US dollars.
Shipping Postal priority 48 US dollars.

Complete G11 NS kit with worm block AND spacer for G11 : 856 US dollars.
Shipping Postal Priority 48 US dollars.

Spacer unit for G11 only  with complete mounting set : 399 US dollars.
Shipping Postal Priority 48 US dollars.

Customers outside Europe and Euro area:  just print and fill this Online order form and send it
by email, fax, or mail.

France, Europe ( CEE) and Switzerland:

Kit G11 NS-VIS for G11  mounting : 490 euros including VAT.
Shipping Postal Priority 18 euros.

Kit GM8NS for  GM8 mounting : 490 euros including VAT.
Shipping Postal Priority 18 euros.

Complete G11 NS kit with worm block AND spacer : 848 euros including VAT.
Shipping Postal Priority 18 euros.

Spacer unit for G11 only with complete mounting set : 358 euros including VAT.
Shipping Postal Priority 18 euros.

Customers inside Europe and Euro area, please print and fill this Euro order form  in english
and send it by email, fax or mail. You can also download the french online form from our main
"Pricelists" webpage.

We won't charge you until the day of the shipment.

Current Brass Losmandy worm, or previous steel version
Ovision NS worm
The current standard Losmandy "High precision worm"
The Ovision NS worm: three times more accurate !!!
The spacer on the Losmandy G11 mount
The interest for the user is obvious: further improving the performance of the equipment, allowing
to explore new imaging ways, like narrowband filtered imaging, where long autoguiding
exposure times are required to get a suitable guidestar. Users of shorter focal lengths, like wide
field imaging with telephoto lenses, will have the opportunity to do unguided shots ( but even this
application still requires good polar alignment and reasonable exposure times !).

2. The " NS" spacer for the  G11 mount:

This accessory allows the user to get a few additionnal hours of tracking before having to flip the
mount at the meridian. It allows the user to continue to track and image well after the meridian,
with the scope under the mount, with the stepper or Gemini models ( gemini system allows the
user to delay the meridian flip). This perfectly machined piece nicely matches the finish of the
G11 RA axis and does not change the orthogonality of the axis, and  reduces interference of the
scope with the mount (depending on the size and length of the OTA).

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